Our activities of service cover the product line of VDS as well as the procucts of other companies which are still in operation. They are flexibly adapted to the customers' requirements and demands.

The service activities of ours involve:
  • Maintenance of systems of traffic surveillance of the own production, products by
          TRUVELO and radar speedmeters of the type MESTA 208.
  • Support for gauging these systems and sites.
  • Building-in of sensors into the pavement of roads.
  •       ¤ piezo-electric sensors,
          ¤ fibre-optic sensors;
          ¤ inductive loops;

  • Installation of complete systems of loops for systems of the capture of traffic data.
  • Development of wet films with pictures of offences in traffic.
  • Carrying out of all repairs (e.g. after sabotage, exhaustion of sensors and so on)
  • Help with project work in the area of traffic counting and surveillance.
  • Processing of cases within the scope of speed measurement (After Capture Proceeding).
  •       ¤ Preparing of customers' data of cases with high standard of security.
          ¤ Thereby more flexibility for an advantageous price-performance ratio.