Traffic detection device
By the application of M5 RAD2 it is feasible to measure the velocity of vehicles driving past and simultaneously the distance between the moving objects and the measuring device as well as capture them in case of violating the traffic rules. The value of distance is indicated above the value of speed with the traffic data faded in. Hence the precise assignment of exceeding the permitted speed to the violators is guaranteed. M5 RAD2 can be unproblematically integrated in existing measuring devices of the type M5 SPEED.

-  Usable under all weather conditions;
-  Operable in the area of portable and stationary measurement (VDS DesignColumn)
- The employment of RAD2 in the DesignColumn Short has the advantage of better capture of drivers through decreasing the vertical photo angle
-  No necessity for the employment of pavement sensors in stationary operation
-  Readiness for measurement in ca. 5 minutes
-  Short range of measurement of ca. 3.5 m guarantees the precise assignment of offences
-  The horizontal and vertical focus of the radar beam is ca. 5°
-  Definite assignment of the offence to the vehicle by distance measurement
-  The range of the measuring value's creation is visible in the photo of evidence
-  Possibility to verify the measurement by the photo of evidence
-  Admissibility of adding a second camera whose gauging is not mandatory
-  Possibility of the application of two measuring systems in one vehicle
-  The equipment M5 RAD2 works with the digital camera  ISC 4000 VDS only