Traffic detection device
The M5 SPEED traffic monitoring device represents a sensible investment in the future. Thanks to its modular concept, it can be expanded with other components without any problems. For example, it is possible to operate the M5 as a mobile radar and to use it outside of office hours in stationary speed and red light monitoring systems or combined systems. Different housing variants offer optimal integration possibilities in inner city areas.

- Modular and extensible concept.
- Simplest, menu-driven operation (fixed data, such as location code and speed limit are stored and are available at power-on location.
- Data control and menu navigation via optimally readable LCD display.
- Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled and supervised operation.
- Internal clock with summer / winter time change.
- Enter up to 30 speed change times.
- Possibility of external speed change.
- track-selective measurement using a SPEED cassette per lane.
- Low power consumption of the device.
- Optional:
. Storage of traffic data on PCMCIA card by the module M5 CARD.
. System monitoring by the module SMM (status message module).
. Possibility of integration into networks.
. Car truck selection with automatic speed change.