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...close cooperation with the users of VDS equipment that has been applied by now and our experiences in the area of the technology of traffic surveillance. The latter have been the basics of the development of our modularly structured speedmeter Mark M5 whose production is carried out in our company.

...firmly installed systems based on pavement-sensors that consist of weather-proof and vandalism-protected outdoor cases in four versions, a plug-in unit with operating and controlling functions as well as the digital camera of the first generation of the type DX4HDR-285CL VDS. This type of camera is transitionally used until the approval for the system with the camera of the second generation (ISC 4000 VDS) will be granted.

...radar-based systems installed in suitable vehicles or on tripod and applied in portable measuring operation. which do not use sensors in road pavement but are equipped with radar for unattended measuring operation (M5 RADAR distance). They are capable to capture the speed and simultaneously the distance between measuring site and moving objects. Stationary as well as portable facilities can accommodate M5 RADAR distance, M5 RAD2 in Germany respectively.

...a plug-in unit and camera which can be taken out of the case independently from each other and inserted into outdoor systems of different sites.

...the device's feature of storing relevant set-up data at every site which are automatically read out (activated) at switching on the device. Thereby the operability of the equipment Mark M5 is thinkably simple and uncomplicated.